March is Women’s History Month so we asked the women at PVComplete why they chose to work in solar.

Claudia, CEO and Co-founder:

Solar energy attracted me because turning the sun’s energy into power with hardware that has no moving parts seemed almost like magic. I especially like the challenges we solve at PVComplete. We develop software where the solutions are limitless but then apply that to solar technology which interacts with the physical forces like wind, topography, weather. The constraints of the physical world create creativity- I see that in our engineering team daily. Unlike other climate action, solar energy is a “yes” solution where everyday we get to say yes build more.

While the solar industry still has less women than desirable, nearly every woman I meet working in solar is sharp, self-motivated and a problem solver. Definitely true for the women at PVComplete.

Tanmaya, Software Engineer:

I have always believed that engineering provides solutions to most of the day to day problems that we face. For me, it’s all about innovation, creativity and critical thinking to tackle solutions in an ever changing technological landscape.  Harnessing solar power to battle climate change will not only help us but will make the world a better place for future generations. At PVComplete we develop software which helps us answer the challenging problems faced in the solar industry.

Olivia, Head of Sales and Marketing:

Working in the solar industry allows me to work in a meaningful field that is both technical yet welcoming. While science, engineering and tech are still male dominated, I find solar professionals everywhere excited to collaborate. The industry has so much room to grow in so many ways that I feel empowered to carve out a space for myself and other women. I’m excited to be a part of the generation that provides solutions rather than problems. Solar will be a big part of that. A PVComplete I’m actively working towards these ideals everyday.

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