Utility Layouts & Optimizations in Seconds

An easy-to-use web based tool to help identify early-stage utility scale projects.

Compatible with PVComplete’s CAD tool, PVCAD MEGA
Easy to Use

Built for business development and early stage engineering use-cases.

Identify Projects

Survey land with topographic analysis & quickly evaluate feasibility of projects.

Optimize Layouts

Constrain for variables like weather, terrain, revenue, equipment, and costs.

Design Faster

Complete and refine layouts for 1GW layouts in minutes.

Minimize LCOE

Evaluate the payback period and earning potential of your project.

Export Your Design

Share your design with team members and export easily to or PVCAD.

Product Features

Large Scale Layouts in Seconds

Quickly look at land parcels to determine capacity potential.

  • Import topography and view project in 3D
  • Select equipment from extensive cloud database
  • Calculate total racking area and draw system

Refine and Optimize Projects

Reconfigure, analyze and maximize project viability.

  • Run complex optimizations to solve for the best possible layout
  • Quickly change equipment and reset key project parameters
  • Perform production analysis and energy modeling with CASSYS

Fast Track Development

  • Calculate and minimize LCOE
  • Generate proposals and analyze energy estimates
  • Export to PVCAD Mega and download key reports

Are you getting the most out of your utility scale designs?