Free online solar design solution for sales people and project developers.

PVSketch is an intuitive web app designed to streamline solar project development. A friendly interface allows sales professionals easy access to a precision layout tool with little or no training. PVSketch helps visualize solar energy solutions and creates accurate energy modeling. PVSketch is part of the PVComplete platform. PVComplete allows solar developers, installers and engineers to work together on a single, versatile platform combining efficiency and accuracy. Sales professionals can begin a project quickly online with PVSketch and then transfer the project to PVCAD, our AutoCAD plugin, for a detailed engineering plan.

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PVSketch makes solar design simple. As little as five clicks and you can create solar project packed with valuable information. Simple and instinctive drawing tools make accurate solar design accessible to any individual. While a single click can generate and entire layout if you dig deeper you can refine your solar design to create sophisticated designs. We also offer personal demonstrations to walk you through our software – Contact us today!


Create an expert solar design PDF in minutes with PVSketch. Export your designs and share with colleagues and clients. Our lovely project report can be used as part of a proposal or just to discuss what is possible on any rooftop worldwide. Some of our many features include exporting your final design to a PDF report, 8760 production data in a CSV, or transfer the entire project to AutoCAD using PVCAD.

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Packed with Data

Our extensive databases include solar equipment and satellite imagery. PVSketch gives you accurate production data based on variables such as weather, module type, and inverter. We have also partnered with racking manufacturers to automatically layout their products. You can ensure the most accurate layout possible by choosing the exact equipment you will be using for the project.


Create, edit, and share your solar designs anywhere. Design with PVSketch on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Project data gets entered once and goes with you everywhere on any platform. Designing solar projects has never been easier or more accessible.