I can’t find the feature I need, how do I find o...

Please refer to our full feature lists within our product documentation pages. If you want to request a new feature, please email support@pvcomplete.com,  we want your feedback on what you want to see next from PVComplete!

How do I add equipment?

We are constantly adding the latest equipment to our extensive equipment database. This database includes all major module and inverter supplies, as well as prominent racking supplies. If you are a paid user of our products we allow the ability to manually add equipment locally within our “CAD” products, and within PVSketch you can select

Where do I get help using the products?

Please refer to our Product Documentation, email us at support@pvcomplete.com, if you want to schedule an appointment with one of our customer success representatives, please click here. This feature is not available for free PVSketch users.

I am locked out of my account

Refer to product documentation pages for PVSketch and PVSketch Mega or email support@pvcomplete.com if you need further assistance.

Where can I get general support?

Please email us at support@pvcomplete.com, we will respond within 24 hours of your message.