About this guide

This guide is for new and existing users of PVSketch Mega. PVSketch Mega is our tool built for quickly designing small and large ground-mounted projects. Key to PVSketch Mega’s functionality is its ability to handle various aspects of project planning in one integrated platform. Users can import land parcel boundaries, identify potential obstructions, and utilize advanced topography data to ensure the accuracy of their designs.

The software goes beyond mere layout planning, offering sophisticated optimization algorithms that help identify the most efficient configurations for solar arrays, taking into account geographical, environmental, and technical constraints. Follow along and we’ll show you how to save time and design better.

PVSketch Mega Tutorial Video

PVSketch Mega is a web-based solar design tool for community solar and utility solar development. We have built the tool to be intuitive and easy-to-use for business development, early stage engineering, and project planning.  You have access to a wide array of features designed to assist you in planning and optimizing your solar project:

  • Topography Analysis: Utilize the “Get Topography” button to download elevation data and create a 3D model of your project site.

  • Layout Optimization: Explore the “Optimization” tab to start creating and optimizing layouts for your solar arrays.

  • Energy Modeling: Choose between the Simplified and Advanced energy models to simulate the energy output of your project.

  • Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports and export layouts for further design work in PVCAD.

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