Creating Project Reports

Once the preferred layout has been determined, a .PDF report can be created for the project in the “Reports” page of the top level menu. Select the “Report” button in the results table or from the “Map” page. Select the “Reports” top level menu. You will be taken to a report preview, the first section of the report shows the 3D view of the topography, if you hover your mouse over the view you can rotate and zoom in and out on the 3D view to get the viewpoint that you prefer to show in the final report. The other sections of the report populate automatically with a project layout, system summary that shows rackable area, and a bill of materials for the project on the final page. After previewing the report you can download a .PDF version by clicking on the “Download PDF” button in the top right corner.

Export to PVCAD Mega

Each permutation will have three buttons associated with it in the table. To view any of the layouts in the table on a map view, click on the “Map” button. This will open that particular layout in the “Map” page where the layout can be viewed and modified. Clicking on the second button “PVCAD” will generate a web link that is uniquely associated with that particular layout and project. Share this web link with any PVCAD software user and they will be able to import the layout into PVCAD Mega for more detailed design in the CAD environment. The third button “Report” is used to create a report for your project as detailed in the next section.