Templates take all the information from your drawings and carry it over to the documents in a typical plan set. PVComplete has links to pre-made templates prepared specifically for your use below.  Instead of manually entering system data into the site plan, the array layout, the single-line diagram, and other documents, PVCAD Mega auto-populates fields in the template. If you have trouble adding PVComplete templates to AutoCAD, see the Troubleshooting section at the end of this guide.

Downloading templates

Now, you’re ready to download PVCAD Mega templates that we’ll use later to quickly start creating project drawings and matching data to energy simulations and other reports.Start by downloading from below. You can use any DWT file as a template, including standard AutoCAD templates. Take ours and modify them as needed. Store the files anywhere, as long as you know where to locate them. 


  • Imperial 

    • 11×17 Template

    • 24×36 Template

  • Metric 

    • 11×17 Template

    • 24×36 Template


Adding Templates to PVCAD Mega

Steps to add these files to your standard template location:

  • From AutoCAD, select ‘New Drawing’

  • The default template window shows you a list of available templates.

  • Copy your newly downloaded template files, right click in this window, and select ‘Paste’.

  • Now your new templates are ready for you to use every time you start a new drawing.


The below files are the latest and up-to-date files used by the PVCAD Mega software to allow full functionality for you. These files must be present in the following location for PVCAD Mega to run correctly. 


File Location: C:\ProgramFiles\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\PVComplete2015.bundle\Contents\Support\Templates