Start your Project

Before anything, make sure you have selected the correct mode for the project you are working on by clicking Settings and selecting “Standard” or “Utility Scale” under optimization type . If you are designing a ground-mounted project >5 MW, you will need to be in “Utility” for rooftop, carport, or other projects <5MW please select “Standard” mode.


Additionally, prior to starting, pin your project georeference as closely as possible to the origin point of your AutoCAD drawing (0,0) and confirm your units are matched correctly in your base – this will avoid any errors if you go to export the design to PVSyst later.


To display all the tools needed for solar project design, click the tab that says PVCAD Mega on the right side of the ribbon menu. Choose your PVCAD Mega settings before you start project design, settings cannot be changed in the PVCAD Mega ribbon mid-design. Getting your settings and workspace organized will allow you to start designing a solar project faster and better than ever.


Please follow along with the videos provided!