Interested in using PVCAD Mega to create precise, accurate and efficient solar project designs within the AutoCAD environment? Great! Let’s get you set up.


Requirements for running PVCAD Mega

First, please check that your computer meets the minimum requirements to install and run PVCAD Mega. The system must have

  • an x-64-based processor

  • a 64-bit operating system

  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

  • 1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color (1,600 x 1,050 with true color recommended)

  • Microsoft Windows, no older than XP Professional (SP2)

  • Microsoft Excel


Installing the PVCAD Mega bundle

The PVCAD Mega Bundle provides AutoCAD and PVCAD Mega in a single installation. If you already have AutoCAD, skip to the next section for details about adding PVCAD Mega as a plug-in. Be sure you have adequate storage on the hard drive. The file size is approximately 1.4 GB. Once the download is finished, unzip and extract all files to the hard drive. Then open the PVCAD Mega Desktop Installer file folder and double-click Setup Application to start the installation.


Installing the PVCAD Mega plug-in

Before installing the PVCAD Mega plug-in, first check that you have the latest version of AutoCAD, and an account with the Autodesk collaboration tool A360. Visit the A360 website to sign up. This is not required but it is recommended.Download the PVCAD Mega  plug-in. This is an MSI file. Once it downloads, double click the file to start the installation.


Manually Uninstalling and Reinstalling PVCAD Mega 

If an error occurs during the PVCAD installation process, the program may not run correctly. If you do not see the PVCAD ribbon in the AutoCAD user interface or you are experiencing immediate errors, we recommend manually uninstalling and reinstalling PVCAD.


  • Close AutoCAD and uninstall PVCAD Mega using the installer.

  • Go to Add or Remove Programs from your Start Menu.

  • Uninstall PVCAD Mega again.

  • Delete any previous PVCAD Mega installers from your computer via file explorer.

  • Go to installation page on our website to download a new installer

  • If using the PVCAD Mega plugin, run the .MSI file

  • If using the PVCAD Mega bundle, unzip/extract the downloaded file, run the setup application in the extracted file


What if I don’t have Microsoft Windows?

If your computer does not have Microsoft Windows, consider a hard drive partition or a virtualization program that allows you to run multiple operating systems on the same machine. Many of the latest Apple computers include Boot Camp, a tool that helps users switch between macOS and Windows at startup.


What if I’m running AutoCAD on a 32-bit system?

You must upgrade to a 64-bit system to add the PVCAD extension.


I am unable to Run PVCAD Mega Bundle.


  • Uninstall PVCAD.

  • Download and install the .NET 4.7.1 installation wizard and .NET 4.7.1 Update

  • Re-install PVCAD.