About this Guide

This guide is for new and existing users of PVCAD Mega. PVCAD Mega is built for precision engineering of small and large ground-mounted solar projects. PVCAD Mega comes with a “Standard” and “Utility” mode of CAD automation. In “Standard” mode, you can access all the features of our Distributed Generation CAD product, PVCAD. With the “Utility Version” you access the features for ground-mount solar projects/ We recommend using PVCAD for all projects <5MW and PVCAD Mega for ground mounted solar projects >5MWs. PVCAD Mega is fully compatible with PVSketch Mega, follow along on this guide and we’ll show you how to save time and design better.


We’re PVComplete, a software company that helps visualize solar energy solutions for people who make things. We combine all solar design resources onto a single, versatile platform, enabling the seamless development of project design from concept to construction.

PVCAD Mega Tutorial Video

PVCAD Mega is a CAD-based solar design tool for community solar and utility solar development. We have built the tool to help you design your large ground mounts faster and easier and better than ever.