Which product is right for me?

What kind of solar are you interested in and what is your technical experience level? Please see the intended user personas: Distributed Generation PVSketch – Built for business development, project management, and early stage engineering. A simple and easy to use tool to calculate the size, energy production estimate, and generate proposals and early stage

What if I don’t know how to use AutoCad?

Try using our online tools – PVSketch and PVSketch Mega. You can create project designs and order project permits, single-line diagrams, engineering stamps and other services from licensed, professional engineers. Whether you want to perform all the design work yourself or outsource some of it, PVComplete delivers a full-service solution. We can also teach you

What do I need in order to use each product?

PVComplete’s “Sketch” products work with an internet connection and X, Y, Z web browser. “CAD” products work within AutoDesk’s AutoCAD product environment. If you have an existing, full AutoCAD license you can simply purchase PVCAD or PVCAD Mega “plug-in” versions. If you have AutoCAD LT or don’t have AutoCAD you can buy our “bundled” version

What is the PVSketch Mega and PVCAD Mega and what ...

Mega is short for MegaWatt and refers to our PVSketch Mega and PVCAD Mega products. These products are built for ground mounted larger solar projects at least a Megawatt in size. These products are primarily used by companies developing utility scale and ground mounted community solar projects. 

What is the difference between PVSketch and PVCAD?

Our “Sketch” tools are easy-to-use web-based solar design tools. They were built so people just learning solar can begin to understand and visualize what different projects, specifications, and solar even looks like. Our “CAD” tools are add-ons to AutoCAD that provides automation, efficiency and standardization for technical engineering and more experienced solar users.