• Date February 28th, 2020
  • Category PVSketch & PVCAD
  • Company Guillevin Greentech

A division of electrical distributor Guillevin International Co. and partner with U.S.-based CED Greentech, distributor Guillevin Greentech was formed in 2016 to provide a national renewable energy products supply network to the quickly-developing solar, wind and electric vehicle (EV) markets in Canada.

The company hired Design Engineer Jose Cano in 2018 to better serve their customer base of renewable energy installers and general contractors by providing solar project designs, drawings and other technical assistance.

When Jose sought a software tool that would enable him to create single line PV drawings quickly, he found the PVComplete software platform and uses both the PVSketch and PVCAD products on a daily basis.

“Many of our customers are general contractors who aren’t as familiar with solar design,” explains Jose. “So I can start with PVSketch to create a basic design to show them how many modules the can fit on a roof. Then I’m able to seamlessly take that design into PVCAD to finalize the drawings. Once I’ve computed the final costs, I can import that figure back into PVSketch to figure the payback period with good accuracy. By starting with a higher quality preliminary design, I’m able deliver numbers that are more accurate, and equip our customers with everything they need to install a successful project.”

Jose adds, “You don’t find other software that does what PVCAD does. It really simplifies the process of creating drawings for solar projects. Without a tool like that, it might take a week to create the drawings and documentation one of our customers’ requires. With PVCAD, I can do it in a day.”