Guillevin Greentech – PVSketch and PVCAD

“You don’t find other software that does what PVCAD does. It really simplifies the process of creating drawings for solar projects. Without a tool like that, it might take a week to create the drawings and documentation one of our customers’ requires. With PVCAD, I can do it in a day.”

Martyna Kowalczyk – SolarTime USA

Junior Vice President Martyna Kowalczyk was in search of a software design solution to bring rooftop solar options to life for her customers during initial project consultations. She discovered PVSketch at Solar Power International 2017 and appreciated its simple, intuitive interface.

Meron Demissie – Sunrise Energy Ventures

“PVCAD comes bundled with AutoCAD, which saved me from having to secure a separate AutoCAD license. But beyond that, it was also very user-friendly and easy to use. I taught myself how to use the platform with the video tutorials, and the software itself guided me through the design process.”